The achievements of Si Castings for the second year of manufacturing aluminum

Yuri Angald summed up the outgoing year as a whole to assess the work of the manufacturing aluminum company in the rating of “satisfactory”: «We completed the improvement of the production and logistics of manufacturing aluminum infrastructure. We have tried to expand into new foreign markets of the manufacturing alumnum and we did it. This […]

Work on the leadership in the industry of manufacturing aluminium

It was determined the main development goals for the 2nd year of manufacturing aluminium: access to new markets. General Manager of the SI Sastings announced the results of the meeting of founders on key development goals for the 2nd year of the company: “The most promising area manufacturing aluminium is now export to countries in […]

The achievements of Si Castings for the first year

The achievements of Si Castings for the first year During the first year the company expanded its presence in the CIS countries by making favorable acquisitions. The infrastructure of aluminium alloy manufacturing process was improved and the strategic objectives for the production and marketing divisions of the company were set.

Our goal is a regional leadership in the industry of aluminium alloy casting

The main objectives of the development have been identified. This is to create a reliable source of raw materials for aluminium alloy casting, logistics, establishment of technical processes. Speaking to the labor collective directly at the plant, Alexander Klochko announced the main objectives of enterprise development: “This difficult year in the CIS economy gives us […]

The new director of the aluminum casting company

The new head of aluminum casting company of SI Sastings group in CIS. Appointed CEO of aluminum casting company in the CIS. Mr. Alexander Klochko is a true professional. We had great difficulty to find a man who has the necessary knowledge of working in the global market for aluminum alloys. He has extensive experience […]

Started aluminium manufacturing

State of the aluminium manufacturing company: land area of 2.5 hectares, production area of 12,000 square meters, staff 120 people. Parting words of Yuri Angald (general manager), “This is promising acquisition for the company. We will work on the modernization and expansion of aluminium manufacturing. Significantly increased the enthusiasm of employees, since the arrival of […]