Our quality policy generally defines the very nature of our organizational behavior; That is, we collectively view quality as a company social value, not merely a business objective.

The key nature and trend of the activities of SI Castings relating to the area of quality include the constantly evolving development of new management mechanisms and corporate culture.

The primary activity tool in this area is represented by the management system which ensures controlled, stable and predetermined quality indicators of both labor and the final product.

Basic principles of the quality policy of SI Castings:
  1. The required product and service quality level is determined only by the consumer. Out task is not just to achieve this level, but consistently strive to exceed it.
  2. Consumer’s respect is not a formality.
  3. The actual quality criterion of any labor – from either an average employee or a general director – is strictly a proper performance result of excellence.
  4. We respect individuality, but understand that excellence in results can only be achieved through a combined “team” effort.
  5. Constructive criticism at any level of the organization is the main means of avoidance of performance stagnation.

The general director and senior managers have assumed obligations to strictly follow the stated principles and continuously work to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system;

Implementation of the quality policy of SI Castings on the part of the management is ensured through (but not limited to) the following eight actions:
  1. Allocation of necessary resources.
  2. Ensuring priority in the implementation of quality related processes.
  3. Increasing exactingness to the execution and effectiveness of decisions made and actions of the enterprise employees related to product quality assurance and functioning of processes of the quality management system.
  4. Continuous improvement of the means of production and technology, creation of new product types.
  5. Setting clear and measurable goals; constant explanation of the expected outcomes to employees and their performance assessment in terms of the achievement of the goal.
  6. Distinct allocation of responsibility and powers, increasing the competency level of employees.
  7. Motivating employees by personal example and incentivizing them for their performance efficiency
  8. Forming and maintaining a positive image of the enterprise itself in the domestic and foreign markets.
The key lines of the enterprise’s activities in the area of environmental protection include:
  • Protection of the environment by means of compliance with the requirements of environmental protection laws and regulations.
  • Organization of activities raising awareness among the employees related to environmental protection.
  • Rational use of natural resources;
  • Collection, storage and handing over of hazardous waste, waste – secondary resources to specialized enterprises;
  • Informing consumers of the environmental safety of the manufactured products.
The three basic principles in the occupational safety area include:
  • Ensuring health and human life protection of the employees;
  • Creating safe working conditions;
  • Prevention of occupational injuries and diseases; – Control of industrial risks.
To achieve these objectives, SI Castings undertakes to:
  • Comply with labor protection laws;
  • Assess potential risks at workplaces paying attention to the specific character of production processes in order to identify existing hazards;
  • Organize activities aimed at prevention of injuries, injury-risk situations, deterioration of the employees’ health;
  • Ensure accessibility of information on the state and conditions of labor protection at the production site;
  • Organize training in occupational safety issues;
  • Ensure trouble-free operation of equipment;
  • Apply state-of-the-art means of protection